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Monday, October 27, 2014

A Surprise for Me this Morning

When you've resigned to the fact that you are a once or twice a quarter at best blog poster, have a good 30,000 hits or so to your blog - EVER - and only do so because your relatives and friends beg you to do so after seeing your latest creation on Instagram, you kinda just let your blog slide.
(Hidden message: Follow me on Instagram because I'm far more interesting over there.)
But when a hilarious, consistent, and wildly popular blogger by the name of Taylor gives you some unexpected but very welcome publicity, and you get the notification on your Twitter feed, what do you do?
You run your butt out of the gym locker room as soon as you can slap some mascara and clothes on, hair in a wet knot (blogger knot?  Maybe I am a real blogger?)  and write a stream-of-conscious post so you look like you're actually sort of relevant.
This is me and E from a couple of weeks ago on our fabulous trip to California - this specifically was from a dear friend's wedding in San Diego; we also visited LA, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Malibu, and Coronado Island.  An amazing ten days that I wish I could live over and over.
Relevant post coming soon, I guess, but this is to say HI and please check out my other posts, you'll love them.  And please GFC me - I'm probably the only person left out there that actually uses Google Friend Connect but hey, what can I say.
Another note - I did the Whole 30 at the prompting of Ashley Paige, last month and I totally loved it.  I will recap this later this month!  (Well, it's the 27th, but you know what I mean.)
So I definitely pumped this post out in record time, so I guess I have no excuse not to write more often. Thanks, Taylor, for the swift kick in the butt, and great chilling with you again!
Thanks for visiting!