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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Greek 7 Layer Dip, and Egg White Oatmeal. Both of Which are Not My Recipes.

It's no secret that I'm a less-than-regular blogger.  However, I'm really trying to step up my game a little bit over here.  My Spring goal is to become better organized.  I used to really pride myself on my organizational skills, Type-A, get-er-done mentality. 
So what happened?  I got swamped.  No - I let myself get swamped.  In addition to my love for organization, I also don't tend to say "no, I can't" to very much.  This tends to stretch me thin and make me so panic-stricken that I become crippled - and then I get absolutely get nothing done.  A lot of great things get started, but nothing completed. 
I kicked myself in the butt a little bit over the past few months, and this is the best way I know how to get at least this piece of it going.  I'll leave you with two killer recipes that are not my own, but I make regularly now and I can't get enough.
The first is this quick breakfast staple for Cinnamon Egg White Oatmeal.  I know it sounds a little gross, but I promise you - you do NOT taste the egg whites, and the extra protein kick keeps you fuller longer.  Find the recipe by Robin, here at her blog.  She's a sweet girl and I am very hopeful you'll like it.  I tend to make more than one serving at a time and re-heat it throughout the week.

I put chia seeds on mine - extra omega-3s and fiber
The second recipe is this Greek Seven Layer Dip.  I've made it for many parties and it always, ALWAYS disappears before the party is over.  I got the recipe from Erin at LIY, where I'm also being sponsored this month .. she's a great lady and always a fun read.  Scroll half-way down this post to get the recipe.  I also like to garnish it up a bit :) 

That's all I got for ya today.  I'll be posting some new spring recipes up here the rest of this month .. I know, don't hold your breath, but I'm going to try posting again more often than once a quarter.
Happy May!