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Friday, April 5, 2013

An Update! And a Salad to Welcome Spring.

Hey Everyone.  It's Friday afternoon.  No one is going to read this right now, and I get that.  Truly.

But I've been neglecting my poor blog.  And my readers. I see my page view numbers going up and up and when was the last time I actually wrote a post?  Even something not all that meaningful?  Does that mean you're looking for something new?  I sure hope so - though I do have some great older recipes here.  I know you're looking for more.  I know I would be, at least.

Sometimes I really wonder if I'm cut out for this blogging thing.  Just when I'm ready to tear the whole thing down, suddenly someone, a friend, an Instagrammer, my parents (!), anyone, mentions to me that "Hey!  I haven't seen anything new on your blog in a while.  What gives?"  I don't even know.  Laziness, primarily; all the other events and goings-on in my life definitely take up my time, but I really need to make it a point to channel my energies into the things that matter to me.  And part of that is GVK.

I'm so grateful that you all keep coming back.  I mean that.

One of my new years' resolutions was to blog more.  I guess I have to update that to my 2Q 2013 resolution.  I really need to speak to you.  I miss my audience!

Anyway, I have some news.

E bought a gorgeous home, as I've mentioned before.  He's deconstructing and reconstructing the whole thing to bring it up to the 21st century; he's extremely handy and has done an amazing work with the full bathroom, many bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, and office.  Now, finally, FINALLY, his beautiful kitchen ...

is ..

Under construction.

So now, the current state of affairs at Girl Versus Kitchen has become ..

Girl Versus Construction Site.

Yes, I still have my own glorious (ha!) kitchen back at my little one-bedroom apartment, but dreaming of the brand-spankin-new kitchen that E's is going to be in a few short months weeks is just too much to resist!

But in the interim, this is E's kitchen:  A hot plate and a minifridge.  And they're in the dining room.

No microwave.  No sink.  No plates, flatware, glasses, or bowls.  Just Solo cups and paper plates.

But come the summertime?  it will no longer be me against my horrible kitchen.  It will be a symbiotic, passionate, loving partnership with a gorgeous, built-with-loving-hands, brand-spanking-new kitchen in which all things (granite counters, slate floors, cabinets, recessed lighting, stainless appliances .. swoon) will be fresh and gorgeous and begging for culinary creation.

Just you wait .. just you wait. 

Ha, like you haven't been waiting for months already.

In the meantime, hope your Easter was good!  This was the first Lenten season in which I successfully abstained from meat EVERY SINGLE FRIDAY.  For those that know me, that is a big friggin deal.

Salads like these helped a lot.

Spring Mix
Yellow and Red Grape Tomatoes
Kalamata Olives
Dried Cranberries
Lemon Juice
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper
The End.

Super easy, and hints of spring abound.

As for Easter, I went back to Hometown, NJ to visit my family - and my dad, whom as you know is where I got my love of cooking (sorry Mom), made me these killer pancakes. 

I don't often do the buttermilk-and-butter-and-actual-syrup thing, but when I do, it's SO worth it.

Looking forward to next week - stay tuned!

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