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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

On Purpose.

 The primary thing I've struggled with on maintaining GVK hasn't been lack of inspiration.  Anyone will tell you that 2012, and years prior, have been filled with good eats both in and out of my kitchen.  I've always loved food, as have those closest to me.  Joyous times celebrated with those whom I love, solemn times mourning what was lost and what could have been, hopeful times anticipating what the future would hold - these times all experienced in solitude or community, while enjoying the comfort of a meal, a drink, even something ordinary as a bottle of water on a long car-ride home.

Something as unadorned as a piece of buttered toast.

I came home from work today, impatient and ravenous for warmth, and grateful for the simple white loaf I bought on the last day of 2012.  Over the years, one of the most basic of foods - the crunchy give of the hot bread, the oozing, salted coziness of the melted butter - has been a staple.  How can something so plain be so good?

The primary thing I've struggled with hasn't been desire.  I've wanted to write, truly I have.  Years of creative writing classes have blessed me, or at least once blessed me, with the gift of the written word. I've loved reading and continue to do so, though the time I should dedicate to it escapes before my eyes close each night.  Reading is the best way to fuel writing - drawing inspiration from those around me. 

The primary thing hasn't been boredom.  My days and nights are full.  If anything, it's been due to the busy-ness that I haven't taken the time to sit down and just write.  Though that isn't entirely true either, as many a weeknight finds me parked on the couch watching TV.  What excuse do I have?  None.  I've found time for most anything else in my life which I find meaningful. Why not this?

The primary thing has been purpose.

What do I want to write here?  Why is GVK here?  Why should I be one little fish in a big ol' cliche of an internet ocean, brimming with food bloggers - ALL bloggers - alike?  What purpose do I have?

I don't have recipes every day.  I don't cook every day.  I want a space that I can call my own without being forced - or rather, feeling forced - to blog only my recipes.  There's so much more to talk about - I just want an outlet.

How can something so plain be so good?  Something so plain as a blog.  One of countless others.

Only time will tell.  My aspiration by the end of the year is to find this blog's purpose.  To see where it goes, what I learn, what readers and writers will teach me.  I look forward to find comfort here - and I hope it's well received.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year ... Again!

Hi all!  Happy 2013!  Everyone's favorite prodigal blogger is back.

Ringing in 2013!
I know, you've heard it before: THIS is the year I'm going to get this little corner of the internet together. 

Truth be told (yes, I know - you've heard it before) I've missed this thing.  I read lots of blogs - food, family, lifestyle - and within me has been this yearning to creatively write again.  Not just to share my love of food, but to have an outlet - a place that I can call my own and yet share with all of you, so many friends and family members that have been begging politely asking me to keep it up.

So I figured, on this quiet New Years' Day, while I relax with E and the furbabes, why not put my crazy undergraduate skills to work (I was a Computer Science major with a Electrical Engineering minor - I know, I don't know how I did it either) and brighten up this blog a bit.  Three hours later, here's my revamp!  I designed the entire template myself, and in my mind's eye, plenty of work still needs to be done.  But, please, let me know what you think!

I'm happy to be back and to get GVK up and running again.  Won't you stay too?  

This week I'll post my take on Mac and Cheese - with some hidden vegetables you won't even taste.  Promise.

See you soon!