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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Prodigal Food Blogger: Creole Seafood Gumbo

Alas, alas, the Prodigal Blogger returns, if only for a minute. 

Yes, I miss blogging.  It's been months.  I've made idle promises.  I've failed you all.  Friends and family alike, you all have told me how much you've missed reading about what I'm eating.  To you, I apologize sincerely.  You know, life happens and all, but this is one of those many somethings with which I'm in need to be consistent. 

Ah, consistency.  My favorite foe.

In lieu of a longer, more detailed post, I'll leave you with this as I dip my toe into the blogosphere once more.  I recently moved offices and now am seated in the corporate campus of a large telecommunications company.  I love my job, and more importantly, I love the cafeteria. 

Today had this:

Southern Creole Gumbo with Shrimp, Crab, and Andouille. 

Check out that chunk of REAL crab.  So mouthwatering.  Loaded with bacon, kidney beans, tomatoes, celery, and love.  Yes, from a corporate food vendor.  I'm telling you, these guys do NOT mess around.  I'd say I'd blog about what I eat at work once a week, but.. I'll let my track record speak for itself for now, and do the best I can in the meantime.

Not to mention, every Tuesday, we sponsor a local New Jersey Farmers' Market.  So they came in and, well you know me.  I bought a GORGEOUS purple eggplant,

And these ridiculous yellow summer squash.  They don't even look real.  I've never seen yellow summer squash this big, this un-bruised, this ...healthy.  Not in the grocery stores, not anywhere else.  You know I had to buy it.  And for $1.29/lb, I was beyond thrilled.  E, get ready for dinner this week!

Oh, and of course they were giving out samples of cakes and breads.  I heard they had tiramisu - a personal weakness - , but they ran out of it and everything else (raspberry lemon cake, shortbread, cookies, puddings, you name it) by the time I got there.  The only thing left was this:

Crumb Coffee Cake with Walnuts.  Not my first choice, but I couldn't turn it down.  And I'm glad I didn't.

Plus, being myself - an extreme sucker for flowers - I bought myself some of these beauties for $2.00.  They really brighten up my cubicle!  (Not that it needs much brightening.  I'm a pretty colorful girl.)

So there you have it.  I've been up to a lot these weeks.. months.. but, I'm back.  And I plan on staying a while.  You'll still keep up with me, right?  Right?  Please do.  I'd love to have you here!

Cheers, C

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  1. a Farmers Market - AT WORK.... awesome (and nothing wrong with buying yourself some flowers too, keeping the 'whole you' healthy)! Welcome back, we hope you stay!!