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Friday, April 8, 2011

Cream Puff Starfish, AP's Southwest Slow-Cooked Chicken, and My Sweet Lap Warmer

The other day on yet another trip to Mecca ShopRite, I swung by the frozen section to pick up Peanut Butter Cup Ben and Jerry's some dire essentials for the week.  It was there, in the sale-freezer-island, that I found these for 50% off:
Now, I've been relatively good with keeping empty-calories off my menu, as I am in two weddings this summer and also because I would like to get back to my size 4 pants.  However, 50% off anything is hard to resist; not to mention when one has a penchant for cream puffs, especially when still-slightly-frozen.*  MMMmmm.  

[*unrelated: Ever buy Uncrustables (PBJ)?  Ever eat them still-slightly-frozen?  AMAZING.  Exactly.]

What ran through my head at the store?  E will like them.  I'll just buy them for him.
I took a bite of this poor innocent thing while writing this blog.  For pictorial purposes only.
So last night, while watching American Idol, my dear sweet E asked if I could get some of these little babies out of the freezer.  ABSOLUTELY!  Paired with some strawberries and some powdered sugar, I made a little dessert for us that closely resembled a certain sea-dwelling creature.


I forgot to blog earlier this week about the filet mignon, mashed potatoes, and green beans paired with a great Cabernet that E and I polished off on Wednesday.  Alas, alas, I'll have to make that for us again.. however, I will use this space to address two items that made my day today:

As I mentioned earlier, AP (she probably thinks I'm a crazystalkergroupie at this point) has a fabulous blog over-this-a-away which covers a lot of awesome stuff.  It was at this site that I acquired the following recipe of which I had leftovers for lunch today.  Think Chipotle, plus your slow-cooker - heaven.  And So Totally Easy.

Please see her page here for a review of her fancy new crock pot; and the recipe is about halfway down.  I've made it and loved it; and I passed the recipe along to two friends each of whom loved it; and so I am sharing it along with you!  Don't forget to thank AP for her awesome recipe.

 Finally, something non-food related: I have to write about my little lap-warmer who, more often than not, sits on my lap while I write this blog.  Her name is Lumen - I've introduced her at my first page (linked) and she is my little ragdoll-sweetpea-alwayspurring angel.  This is her right now, and exactly how she looks all. the. time:

And yes, that's me, rocking my Class of 2005 college graduation t-shirt.
And this is she, obsessing over my monitor.  She loves following my mouse around (figures, right?) so I thought it would be fun to open up a webpage with random buggies "crawling around".. this is the end-result:

Is.. is that a fly?!

swat!  swat!

funny, you don't *smell* like anything..

man, lookit all these bugs! just some random-googled website for "crawling bugs gif

Where.. where ARE THEY?!
Cheers!  Have a wonderful weekend!  C


  1. you know CS.. ive been doing great so far during lent since i gave up junk food aka anything delicious.. and haven't been tempted or drooled over anything yet... UNTIL THIS CREAMPUFF STAR FISH. i will now add that to my list of things to eat after Easter (along with Peeps of course) =)

  2. i need to have a cream puff starfish. like, tonight. i sold all of my size four pants- so i dont even need to worry about fitting back into them, right? :) have a great weekend, girl!

  3. Those look AMAZING. I tried to make my own cream puffs once and it didn't turn out so good, so I'll have to check these out instead!