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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Valentine's Day Menu, Part Two

While Valentine's Day was over two weeks ago, the menu still stays fresh in my mind.  Thanks for your patience; I have a LOT to catch up on, including my dinner with my friend Suzanne at Ciao in Basking Ridge; dinner with my best friend Elizabeth and her fiancee Laurin in New Hope at Tuscany The Landing (that was quite a debacle), Porterhouse and mashed taters with E at home, etc etc etc.  I'll be here with you to share it all!  I really love this blogging thing.. and I guess I can only get better at it at this point ..right?

 So the rest of my menu to surprise E was as follows:

 Proscuitto-Wrapped Asparagus with Onion-Chive Cream Cheese

  • Bunch of green asparagus; medium thickness, and make sure the buds at the top are closely bunched (nothing split; this indicates they're old), and the bottoms are not too woody.
  • Philadelphia onion and chive cream cheese
  • Your favorite deli-sliced proscuitto, sliced extra thinly
Preheat your oven (I actually use my toaster-oven for this recipe) to 425*F.

Unwrap your asparagus and cut off about an inch from the bottom.  I like to use my supersharp serrated bread knife and just chop the heck out of them in one or two saws.  How deadly.

Set up a frying pan with a quarter-inch of water and get 'er simmerin.  Then throw in your aspies in there to blanch for no longer than two minutes!  This is just to get the crispiness a little less in-your-face and to make them extra-green and pretty.  Any longer and they'll get all limp and ick.  Remember GVK Rule Number One.  NOTHING worse than overcooking!

Take them out and submerge them in a bowl of ice water.  This will immediately stop the cooking process and make sure you really don't break GVK rule #1.

Take a slice of prosciutto... and eat it.

Take another slice of prosciutto and spread a little bit (half teaspoon) of cream cheese in the middle.  Then take an aspy and lay over the cream cheese, and roll the sides in.

Do this for the rest of your aspies, and arrange on a baking sheet (or those little inserts for your toaster oven).  Bake for 12 minutes.  Serve either hot or cold!  (We had them hot)

Tomorrow, I aim to post two posts: One to wrap up V-Day (finally).. and another to surprise you!

Cheers, C

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