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Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweet Strawberry Cake - and BC for the Weekend

Something detrimental to my summer-bod goals (and Jillian Michaels would be quite mad at me for) is my extravagant sweet tooth lately.  I don't know where it came from, but after this weekend coming up, I'm cutting it out.  E and I were both feeling the need for something sugary and bad-for-you, so I busted out a box of Strawberry cake mix and frosting that a friend had dropped by here.  I know, cake-baking at 9 PM on a Thursday isn't the best idea in the world, especially when there's no time to let it cool and properly set before frosting.  But, you know, desperate times and all.

I find that most people fall into one of two categories: Cooker and Baker.  I wish I were more of the latter; but frankly, if it's not in a box, I don't know how to make it.  One of GVK's goals would be to showcase more baking skills.  But I just don't know what I would do with it all!  Eat it?  Ehhh..

So yeah, because I'm decidedly not a baker, and also because this was done at 9 PM last night when we were desperate for munchies (and I was trying to watch Idol), AND I didn't let the damn thing cool before frosting it, it came out okay.  Looks alright, but also was really too sweet.  I suggest pairing it with a shot of insulin.

Last weekend was my dad's birthday, but since we were all under the weather, we're celebrating it this weekend.  I'll be back up in Northern NJ to celebrate, with food of course.  I know I have a lot of backlogged blogging to do, but stay tuned!

Of course, advice and encouragement *and Comments!* are very welcome.  Talk to you soon!

Cheers, C


  1. Oh my, I'm usually grabbing something salty late at night. But that will certainly cure a sweet tooth for a while!haha

  2. i definitely think i am a little tiny bit of both, cooker and baker. my grandmother told me that cooking is an art, and baking is a science, which is pretty true.
    but i was never really any good at either in school...
    and oh my god i love strawberry cake and that looks amazing.

  3. Every year my sister demands I make her birthday cake - strawberry, of course. She LOVES it, but what she'll never know is that I use a box mix!

    Substitute heavy cream for the water and softened, plain cream cheese for the oil. Add an extra egg. I usually slice up some fresh strawberries, too.

    TRY IT. I promise everyone will think you ARE a BAKER! :)