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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Session - Things I Love

During the Weekends, if I post at all, I've decided to keep it short and simply state a couple of things I'm completely in love with lately.  I personally am more of a weekday-warrior when it comes to the Internet - catching up on blogs, news, trends and the like; but I do want to keep up with stuff and everyone knows the most fun usually happens on weekends!  So, here we go:

Warm Nights Outside and Great Food with Friends

This past Friday (a week ago), my best friend J and her fiancé R had me and a few other good friends over for a late St. Patrick's Day dinner and festivities.  While there was a slight snafu in the dinner plans (pesky slow cooker not turned on!), we still had an AMAZING time eating some of the most delicious mac-n-cheese, Dominos, and drinking this (linked here) outstanding Leelanau Cellars Winter White that they picked up in R's home state of Michigan.  Despite getting five mosquito bites on my flip-flopped feet that night (on the FIRST warm day of the year - in Winter still!) and the cold weather rearing its ugly head and SNOWING not more than two days after this night, I had an awesome time.  It's nights like these, sitting out relaxing with some of your closest friends in the world, that makes you really appreciate life and those around you. 

Cheers to you, J, R, J and S!  Love you guys, and I always will.


The next night I spent with my best friend E, her fiancée L, and some new friends out where she lives in Pennsylvania.  We went to an "Irish Wake" at The Bally Hotel (link), with lots of great music and drinks, and of course green beer.  My favorite part of the night though, was beforehand, gossiping and noshing on this amazing stuff:

Wasabi Cheese.  Paired with some buttery crackers, I could easily wipe out the entire wedge.  And I almost did.  Seriously amazing.  E and I have been friends for, wow, ten years now and she definitely knows me, haha.  I mean, come on, two nights in a row with best friends AND amazing cheese?  How can you go wrong?  E and L - you two are totally spectacular and I love you both, and always will!

Okay, two more things I completely adore:

Perfect Morning Coffee

E (the best friend) got me this perfect mug, and nearly every morning I pour myself a perfectly brewed and mixed cup of magic elixir AKA Gevalia Morning Blend mixed with freshly ground beans of whatever I have in the house (God bless my coffee bean grinder), stand in my kitchen, look out my window at the tree right outside, and take that first, perfect, thoughtful sip.  This is my zen.

Oh, and it's the perfect cup because of my dear sweet Mr. T. He's huge. :) 

Carrabba's Olive Tapenade

I love Carrabba's.  It's in my top three chain restaurants ever.  E (the BF) and I go pretty often, and the food and service is always outstanding.  We went last night, and while I won't go into detail (I'll save that for a later post), one of the most notable things about this place is the hot, fresh, tasty, gorgeous bread they serve with this:

This olive oil dip blended with olives, peppers, and seasonings that is purely to die for.  I know, they serve this stuff at many different places, but something about it here just has that extra, je ne sais quoi.. just an extra serving of goodness nestled in it.  Oh, and the bread should always be dipped in whatever else you're eating that night - the mussels, the soup, the sauce.. yes.  All of it.

So much for this post being short, huh?  Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday!

Cheers, C

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