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Monday, March 28, 2011

Delicious Orchards and Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

As previously posted, no bev in life - spiked or not - brings me quite as much pleasure as a cup of strong, flavorful, aromatic coffee.  I get similar type of joy from a really great food store.  If I got a few more promotions, I could afford to shop at Wegmans and Whole Foods every week.  Alas, since I'm not in that tax bracket, I have a very close relationship with my local ShopRite instead.  It's my happy place; since I was a kid, I would go nearly every Sunday with my dad after Church and fight the crowds up and down each and every aisle.  I think part of my enjoyment of grocery shopping is the connection it brings me to my father - the coupon king, boasting about how he spent only 10 cents on a can of tuna fish or that they paid him! for buying olive oil on sale, with a coupon, on triple-coup-weekend, with a box of pasta.  How he taught me to pick the best produce, to look at the unit prices on different-sized packages to ensure the best deal, to take the ice cream from the back of the freezer (where it's colder), and of course to always, always seek out the best date on dairy.  I know.  It's sick.  I know most people despise grocery-shopping.  But I love it - and definitely go more than once a week.  Hey, it's right down the block!
Shoprite, I love you!!!
What I really wish, though, is to live closer to a little gem called Delicious Orchards in Colts Neck, NJ.  It's linked here and THEY HAVE A YEAR-ROUND CIDER CAFE.  That should be enough for you to know how wonderful it is.  Produce that would make any farmers' market envious.  A bakery with the most delicious cider donuts I've ever had.  Pick-your-own berries, apples, pumpkins, whatever's in season.  Cheeses and jams and confections and all types of organic delights.  I highly suggest you either go there, or order a gift basket.  For yourself.

Ugh, composure...

E and I were out this weekend and made a wrong turn on our way back home, ultimately about to pass DO.  The sign was a beacon, and I had to go in.  I didn't get much, but what I did get is best illustrated in the following picture:

The tomato on the left is a vine-ripened tomato I got from ShopRite a few days ago.  The tomato on the right, well, that's the SMALLEST of the three that I got at DO.  You can't really tell from the picture, but it's a lot redder and juicier-looking than the one on the left, too.

Yeah, I know.

I got some other equally impressive produce, and at great prices!  (Stuffed peppers this week for sure!)  But what I am especially happy about is the little gem in the bag on the right.  To my delight, DO carries my most favorite coffee of all time: Jamaican Blue Mountain.  YUM.  Basically, I brought home only a quarter-pound (stuff's over $40 a pound!) and I didn't grind the beans yet, but within an hour the intoxicating richness of the aroma permeated my entire one-bedroom apartment.  Which, at just under 1000 sq ft, is no easy task.

I'm a happy girl.  Thanks, babe, for making that wrong turn.  And please, everyone, check out Delicious Orchards.  If you're sick like me and into that grocery-shopping thing.

Cheers, C

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  1. When I visited D.O. with my grandmother a few times I too fell in love! And I agree with your dad about the joy of coupons (spent 50 cents today on a jar of Nutella - yay)