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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pop the Champagne, I'm Finally Starting This Thing!

Well, here goes nothing.

Hi all!  After much hemming and hawing, I'm finally launching my food blog.  Yes, this will be mostly about food; but, if you're anything like me, you know food ties extremely well  (sometimes too well)  into all sorts of facets of your life.  So.  As they say, "I never thought I'd be doing this," but, WELCOME and congratulations for stumbling onto Girl Versus Kitchen!  I hope you plan on visiting often.  It's gonna be a heckuva ride.  I hope.

A little bit about me.  Just when you thought you had enough of yet another 20-something Jersey Girl, I'm just that.. another one.  I live in NJ, only an hour and a half from my hometown in.. NJ.  I didn't fall far from the tree, but that's not to say I'll be here forever.  I haven't set an anchor (mortgage) down just yet.  In time, in time.

 So yes, me: I'm your regular upper-twenties NJ girl with a love of all things culinary.  Has high life aspirations, but sometimes often needs a kick to get started.  Lucky in love, life, family, and friendship, and always looking for ways to improve herself and the world around her.  IT cube-rat by day, TV junkie by night.  Exercise aficionado, if she ever gets out of her computer chair.  Prefers sunrises to sunsets and wine to vodka (so do her headaches).  Her happy places include staring out the kitchen window with a fresh cup of coffee, a limitless shopping spree at Wegmans (but Shoprite will do), and Martha's Vineyard beaches with a nighttime campfire under a starlit sky.  Music taste ranges from Taking Back Sunday and Incubus to Robyn and and Kaskade, with Sinatra, Usher, and Beethoven thrown in for good measure.  Food tastes are equally disparate.  Wishes her piano, paintbrushes, and tap shoes weren't so dusty.  Would love a personal stylist every day (I guess we all would, right?). Enjoys the endless possibilities before her.

I share my home with two roommates who don't help with rent and don't have jobs, but I let them live with me anyway because they're cats and they're quite adorable, even the fat old-man one.

 This is T.  He's my 9 year old grumpster, but he means well.  He weighs nearly twice as much as he should, but yes we're working on it.    He can attest that losing five pounds isn't always easy!

And this is L.  She's a 4-5ish year old goofball, a stray I took in from the neighborhood, and she's the opposite of T in personality, size, and.. well, pretty much everything.  But they seem to get along well.

I have a wonderful man in my life, E, who is always there to make me laugh, inspire and motivate me, and eat my cooking.  He is also a fabulous co-chef and a significant influence on what comes out of my kitchen!  So for that, babe, I thank you.  :)

Additional inspiration comes from my parents.  I am a product of my extremely loving, doting parents who are, well, amazing in the kitchen.  While my mom knows what she knows (which is a lot, Mom! :) ), my dad has always been the one who loved trying something new.  He taught me to never be afraid to give anything a shot at least once.  Maybe even twice.  And, I will attest that my father always makes THE BEST scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, Sirloin or Porterhouse (bone in), short ribs, chicken marsala, etc etc etc that I could ever have.  Seriously.  Most amazing scrambled eggs ever.  No cheese needed!

 My parents have also been my launching pad for appreciating wines.  If you ever need to win me over, you can do so with a bottle of Ruffino Riserva Ducale Chianti Classico.  Or any bottle of Riesling.  I've collected the bottles of wine I've had (no duplicate bottles) in my kitchen, above the cupboards, since I got my own place in March 2006.  I'll end that habit when I move into a nicer place, whenever that will be - but I like to have the memories of the good times I had over wine.

Which brings me to.. my kitchen.

 God, I hate my kitchen.  Okay.  Hate is strong, but - I've grown up considerably in the past five years I've had my apartment, and I think I'm due for an upgrade.  Especially since I've had MORE than enough of the 1970s/80s appliances, easily-staining formica countertops, electric oven, and frankly just all my old stuff.  I'm ready to purge and start over like you wouldn't believe.

But, oh, the beauty that comes out of this kitchen.  I adore cooking, and I will try to whip up pretty much anything.  Not to say I haven't had my share of mishaps (which I'll address later, believe me), not to mention my personal flair of "special moments".  Despite my hatred of my working space, a lot of love comes out of it.  I cannot wait to share it with all of you!

My next post will cover the menu I created yesterday for E and me, Valentines' Day.  :)  Can't wait to share!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on getting your start - looking forward to reading your creations & sharing ideas :-)

  2. I AM SO EXCITED!! No pressure, but I'm going to eventually write a post about you and your delicious meals and I'm going to send ALLLLLL my blog traffic your way. You know, when I'm not taking care of my child all freaking day. LOL. So glad you started blogging. Welcome to this crazy world!:)